"I was drowning as a parent with three little ones at home ...it seemed like I completely nailed the baby's sleep patterns but as they grew the sleeping patterns changed. I was out of ideas. The magic completely changed my experience with our bedtime routine. I could cry just how much this affected our whole family in a positive way. At the end of the day I am done, exhausted and just need some alone time. This was painless, fun, and easy to implement. Thank you to Amy and her team!"
- Tina S.
"We can't thank the creator of the Child's Book "Olea the Magical Sleep Fairy®" enough. It's become our little one's favorite bedtime story, and it never fails to transport them to magical places where dreams come alive. The beautiful illustrations and captivating narrative have not only ignited their imagination but also instilled important pleasant bedtimes."
- Sally J.
"Thank you, "Sleep Fairy," for turning bedtime into a magical adventure and helping my children embrace the wonders of sleep with open arms."
- Bobbi K.
"Since reading this book, bedtime has become a breeze, with my kids eagerly heading to bed, eager for a visit from the Sleep Fairy. This book has become a treasured part of our nightly routine, and I'm confident it will continue to be a beloved favorite for years to come."
- Happy Parent
"From the moment we opened the pages, my children were captivated by the enchanting tale of the Sleep Fairy and her whimsical demeanor. The beautiful illustrations brought the story to life, igniting their imagination and creating a world of wonder."
- Happy Parent
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