Olea the Magical Sleep Fairy® is an easy-to-follow, stunningly illustrated storybook for kids who need a little more encouragement to go to sleep. Olea knows exactly where you're coming from and is ready to help your family get the sleep you so deserve!

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Magic Sleep Fairy Book

"Move over Tooth Fairy,

Olea the Magical Sleep Fairy® Rules the Night."

- Liz, a mama from Boston, MA

About the Author

Amy Wiebe is the author and creator of Olea the Magical Sleep Fairy®. She's committed to disrupting the notion that parents of young children should accept disrupted sleep as a norm. After one too many battles with her own children about restful sleep habits, Wiebe knew she needed a dose of magic to solve the sleep conundrums in her home. With Olea the Magical Sleep Fairy®, a new mindset around sleep was fostered - one that relied on narrative instead of melatonin. When Wiebe isn't catching some Zzzs, you can find her spending time with her two boys Max and Jack.

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