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It’s depressing, isn’t it?

Even though millions of parents will try to get their kiddos to bed without incident tonight, very few will achieve it.

Some people will have the luxury of it not being an ordeal, but nearly everyone else will struggle…

And maybe that’s what you’re used to.

You start to master the bedtime routine, but you end up with a tantrum instead.

Or maybe are at a loss and just want to keep the peace. So you cave and snuggle in with them, even though you told yourself you are SO done with giving in.

Or, you just don’t have the energy to fight anymore. You let them into your bed, only to end up regretting it the next day.

You end up cranky, in a daze, and even zombie-like.

And sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try, you’re just never going to get a good night’s sleep again.

Listen, if you’ve ever felt like this, I assure you that you’re not the only one.

And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault if you’ve tried your hand at bedtime routine mastery and failed before.

You see, the reason why parents have to deal with whiny children every night is because you have no resources to help you figure out what the heck to do… you’re stuck turning to Google for answers.

I mean think about it: bedtime routines are hard. And take a LOT of work and consistency.

So those tips-from-Google approaches can only work if you’re lucky.

And if essential oils and a noise machine worked in your favor like the lucky ones,

then you’d be sitting on the couch with your feet up and a cup of tea or glass of wine in your hand too…

Ahh, to be so lucky.

Is that the answer? Just throw some lavender in a diffuser and your kid falls right asleep?

Or just make sure you’re heading to bed every night at the same time perhaps?

After all, you’re probably not trying EVERYTHING… really, how can you?

It’s no wonder typical blogs didn’t help you master bedtime like you wanted. It’s no wonder that the lucky ones make it look so easy, while you struggle to.

Until now, that is.

Introducing the premier bedtime solution for mommas and poppas that enables you to achieve bedtime success in record time without spending hours a day or costing you a fortune on random Amazon items.

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It seems a little hard to believe, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve tried so many different bedtime tips before, but you’re not really any better off.

So it feels like too much to believe that this could really be the solution to getting-your-kids-to-bed success.

But this is unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.

Trying what your mom group suggests, turning to Google for answers, and giving bedtime your last ounce of patience… all that hard work is history.

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