My boys are very close in age… the classic two boys under two… Wow, that was a shift in my lifestyle. The thing that really got me was the years of no sleep!!! It actually started right when I was pregnant with Max. By the time Max was four, I had not slept in five years… I used to be kinda cute and nice… I became a cranky woman with wrinkles. I’m joking, of course.

“However, I’m not joking about the sleep. It was constantly consistent… draining… horrible… and ya, it took a toll on my relationships, my motherhood experience, and my career.”
I just couldn’t take not sleeping anymore. I came up with this idea of a sleep fairy because the best time that I got sleep was either when the tooth fairy was coming or when Santa was coming.

“The sleep fairy worked the first night… dead serious! It actually worked…”
Now, I didn’t sleep that night because I was shocked that the boys were sleeping and I kept getting up wondering why I wasn’t getting woken up by the boys. I was shocked. SHOCKED!!! I HAD to share this with other moms… and I wanted to the book to be beautiful… a pretty book on our coffee table to share with other moms who are struggling with the same thing. Let’s be honest: no sleep means no nothing… EVERYTHING is harder… EVERYTHING.

When I told my boys about the sleep fairy, of course they called me out on it and said that this was not true. So I staged a conversation with my girlfriend where she brought up the sleep fairy… which made it seem real. I also told them that moms have to call the sleep fairy if they want help… that the sleep fairy doesn’t come to every single boy and girl. Olea goes where she is needed. I also had a friend pretend to be the sleep fairy when I called her so that the boys could see that this was actually a serious thing.

Imagination is a beautiful thing that brought me here, but honest to goodness it worked. That’s the most important thing.

Good luck, Mommas and Poppas… xoxox Amy and the boys