Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks for Mommas and Poppas!

  • Bring Olea to life. Talk about her with your friends in front of the children, as if they shouldn’t be listening. Make her real to them.
  • Buy a special calendar and call it the Sleeping Calendar with awesome stickers to add after awesome nights.
  • Fifteen minutes before bedtime, set up a routine that works for you and your family: brushing teeth, bathroom, glass of water, extra hugs and kisses. (My kids usually need all the scrapes and cuts from the day to be bandaged at this point.)
  • Read the story in a way that will bring out the magic. (Read the story a couple of times to yourself, become comfortable with the story, make different voices for the characters)
  • Go over the rules. You can even write down the rules on a white board or the calendar
  • Lights out…That’s it! Olea is watching (Make this very clear)
  • The next morning, offer many praises for staying in bed the whole night. This is a BIG DEAL !!!

When I was about to introduce the Sleep Fairy to Max and Jack-Pot, I talked about her for about a week. They thought I was just talking crazy talk and that this fairy did not exist, but when other friends started to talk about her, saying “You need to call the sleep fairy,” that was the clincher!! I really built it up: “She works really closely with the Tooth Fairy and with Santa… She is friends with Tinkerbell.” I brought in the elements of magic and realism… It worked!

As for the little gifts, I usually got little building block kits (Lego) from the dollar store, or little books. These gifts are very inexpensive, but gave them something to do when I slept in.