Olea the Magical Sleep Fairy in YOUR HOME!

Bring Olea the Magical Sleep Fairy into your home and you will experience:

* Relaxing Bedtime Routines
* Solid Uninterrupted Sleep
* Peaceful Mornings

… How is this possible?

This Brilliant Plan engages your child’s imaginative mind by introducing Olea the Magical Sleep Fairy into their lives. She watches through her Sleepy Wing Window ensuring the children are following her 4 RULES for 5 DAYS, regaining their superpowers back from a solid peaceful night’s sleep for the whole family.

IF children follow HER RULES for 5 days in a row Olea will visit their bedroom and bring a little gift under their pillow. This ignites your child’s imagination. Resulting in your child wanting to participate in bedtime routines exceeding the expectations of this Mythical Creature.

This speaks volumes to a child’s magical mind…. Volia!! Peaceful Sleep Patterns Begin to Happen!

Well-rested Mommas and Poppas will be thankful for being introduced to Olea.

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  1. Thank you Olea! My family is now getting the sleep that we do desperately needed. I highly recommend this book to all families with young children

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